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Scope is the intended audience for a CSM Item (ex: A Dashboard is intended for everyone on a specific Team). CSM uses the following Out of the Box (OOTB) scopes:

When setting security rights for CSM items for security groups (ex: Administrator, Service Desk Technician, Manager, etc.), access to functionality can be limited by scope. For example, an Anonymous Browser (not logged-in Portal Customer) might not be able to see a Calendar that a logged-in Customer has access to.

Note: When creating CSM Items and defining default settings, be sure to consider how scope affects access.

Scopes are used by most CSM items (Calendars, Dashboards, Attachments, One-Steps, etc.) to apply a range of use. As a result, most CSM Managers organize their items at the root level in the Manager tree by scope. The following figure shows the Dashboard Manager organizing Dashboards by scope.

Manager Scope View Example

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