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About Actions

An Action is an activity that can be initiated manually (from a button, link, menu bar item, or Widget) or automatically (from an Automation Process, One-Step™, or E-mail Monitor) to execute a command (ex: Print) or display/run a CSM Item (ex: Display a Dashboard or run a Search). Use Actions to:

In general, CSM Actions can be initiated from the following major areas:

In addition, you can initiate Actions from the following:

CSM provides many OOTB Actions on the CSM Desktop Client Task Pane, menu bar, and toolbar, as well as on Forms, Dashboards, default Portal site, etc. Use these Actions as-is, edit them, or add your own Actions. To help you add and manage Actions, CSM provides the Action Manager, the Actions menu, and various CSM Item Managers, including the Command Manager.

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