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Grid Editor

The Grid Editor is a tool within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator that allows you to manage (create, edit, and delete) Business Object Grids.

The Grid Editor's preview is dynamic; when you make changes, the changes are immediately reflected in the preview. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes.

Grid Editor

  1. Grid Menu Bar Item: Displays Grid-specific commands. This menu bar appears on the Blueprint Editor menu bar only when a Form Editor is active in the Object Manager.
  2. Toolbar: The Grid Editor does not have a dedicated toolbar; however, the Blueprint Editor toolbar is available with commands for cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.
  3. Grid drop-down: Lists the Grids defined for the selected Business Object (ex: Default, Basic Info, etc.).
  4. Search control/Ignore Folders button: Use to quickly locate and display Fields. Use the Search Control Editor Search Control to quickly locate a Field whose Name and Description contain a specific word or phrase (ex: OwnedBy). Use the Ignore Folders button Ignore Folders Button to ignore the organizational folders and display all Fields at the root of the list.
  5. Field tree: Lists the Business Object Fields that can be added to the Grid. Fields are organized alphabetically and by folder. Fields from Relationships are listed alphabetically under the Relationship Relationship Icon Small.
  6. Grid preview: Displays a dynamic preview of the Grid (which columns (Fields) are on it, column widths, and order).
  7. Grid properties button: Opens the Grid Properties window to define row colors and images for Grids.
  8. Grid title, width, and sorting: Defines title, width, and sorting options for the Grid.
  9. Grid customization options: Defines customization options for the Grid (whether or not a User can remove columns, and add/remove Fields).
  10. Grid groupings: Defines whether a Grid allows column grouping or not.

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