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Define a Project Business Case

Use the Business Case tab in the Arrangement to articulate your reason for initiating the Project.

To define a business case:

  1. Click the Business Case tab in the Arrangement, and then click the New ITPT Business Case button.

    The Business Case form opens in the Arrangement.

    ITPT Business Case

  2. Complete the Business Case form:
    1. Business Reasons: Type a reason for initiating the Project (ex: The current Dell Switch in the Colorado Springs, CO office is antiquated and needs to be replaced).
    2. Resource Details: Type resource information for the Project (ex: Clair Wu has been identified as the person who will install and configure the switch).
    3. Cost Details: Type cost information for the Project (ex: The cost of one 5000 Gigabit Switch is $8,450.00 USD).

      Note: All fields are Rich Text fields. To format the text or embed an image, click the Zoom button Zoom Button.

    The Business Case form is automatically saved.

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