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Configure Web Services One-Step Security Rights

Use the Rights tab in the Security Group Manager (in CSM Administrator) to configure the following Web Services One-Step security rights:


Description (when checked Check Box)

Grant To:

Allow calling Web Services from client machine (if allowed by system)?

Allow: Allows selected Users to call Web Services (using a Call a Web Service Action in a One-Step) from a Client machine as opposed to having the server make the call. You can select to have all Web Service calls forced to the server (CSM Administrator>Edit System Settings>Advanced).

Note: The global settings for Web Services must be set to allow calling from a client based on security.

  • System administrators
  • Managers
  • Users

Web Services?

Rights are organized by scope: Global, Role, Team, and User.

Allows people working with Web Services in CSM Administrator and the CSM Desktop Client to:

  • View: Access Web Services.
  • Add: Create Web Services.
  • Edit: Edit Web Services.
  • Delete: Delete Web Services.

View/Add Only:

  • Users/Customers

View/Add/Edit Only:

  • Managers

All rights:

  • System administrators


  • Security design strategy is very important. Carefully consider the level of access to each scope. For more information, see the OOTB Security Design documentation.
  • Manager security rights control who can access the individual CSM Item Managers and are set separately (Managers category).

To configure Web Services security rights:

  1. Open the Security Group Manager.
  2. In the Group drop-down, select the Security Group to configure security rights (ex: Admin).
  3. Click the Rights tab.
  4. In the Category drop-down, select Web Services.

    Web Services One-Step Security Rights Window

  5. Click each Web Services right, and then select the appropriate check box Check Box to:
  6. Click Save Save Button.

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