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Create a One-Step

Play Button Icon 3-Minute Video: Create a One-Step.

Use the One-Step Properties window (accessed from within the One-Step Manager) to create or edit a One-Step. When you create a One-Step, you define the following:

Good to know:

To create a One-Step:

  1. Open the One-Step Manager.
  2. Select a scope and subfolder (if needed) for the One-Step.
  3. (Optional) Select a Business Object association, if applicable.
  4. Click the Create New button Create New Button.

    The One-Step Properties window opens.

    One-Step Window General Page

  5. Define the following:
  6. Define additional options for the One-Step:
    1. Click the Options button.

      The Options window opens.

      Options Window

    2. Availability: In the drop-down, select a scope for the One-Step.

      Note: If you already selected a scope at the beginning, this is auto-filled with your selection.

    3. Association: If applicable, select a more filtered scope for the One-Step (ex: A particular Team). <Automatic> applies scope based on login. If not applicable, this option is grayed out.
    4. Custom Image: Click the Image button to open the Image Manager, and then select an existing image or import a new image to represent the One-Step in the UI.
    5. Click OK.
  7. Click OK.

    The new One-Step is displayed in the One-Step Manager.

In This Section

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