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Incident and Service Request Implementation


Describes the basic implementation of OOTB CSM Incidents/Service Requests.


User (anyone who can log an Incident or Service Request).


User with rights to log Incidents and Requests:

  • Service Desk Level 1 Security Group (or equivalent/above).


  • Implement Security:
    • User and Customer Profiles.
  • Implement e-mail (required for e-mail correspondence and notifications).
  • Implement Automation Processes (required for automations):
    • Ensure that the Automation Process Server is running.
    • (Optional) Enable Incident Automation Processes.


  • Learn about OOTB Incidents and Service Requests.
  • Log an Incident using the OOTB workflow and forms.
  • Explore ideas for tailoring the OOTB Incident workflow and forms.


  • You are using the OOTB Incident workflow and forms.
  • You are using the OOTB SLAs and Priority Matrixes.

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