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Define Default From Addresses for a Global E-mail Account

A system administrator might want to control which e-mail addresses can be used to send e-mail from within CSM. Use the From Addresses page to define allowed From Addresses for a POP, IMAP, or Microsoft Exchange account.

Note: Many mail servers do not allow a From Address that does not match the account. In that case, limit the From Address to prevent mail from being rejected.

To define default From Addresses:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the E-mail and Event Monitoring category, and then click the E-mail Accounts and Settings task.

    The E-mail Options window opens.

  2. Click the Accounts page.
  3. Select a POP account, IMAP account, or Exchange account that is configured.

    The E-mail Options window for a POP, IMAP, or Microsoft Exchange account opens.

  4. Click the From Addresses page.

    E-mail Options From Addresses Page

  5. Define general account information:
    1. Name: Provide a name for the account.
    2. Make Account Available to Users: Select this check box to allow Users to send e-mails from CSM using this account. If the account is only used by the E-mail and Event Monitor to scan incoming e-mails, leave the check box cleared so that Users never see the account.

      Note: If the general account information is defined in the settings for POP or IMAP accounts, or for Microsoft Exchange accounts, then it shows up here.

  6. Define which From Addresses are allowed (select any or all of the following options):
  7. Provide a list of Legal From Addresses (ex:,,

    Note: The e-mail server needs to be configured to allow these From Addresses from the account.

  8. Select where to send e-mails from, either:

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