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Save a Blueprint

There are two save options for a Blueprint:

To save a Blueprint as a named .bp file:

  1. Create a Blueprint.
  2. From the Blueprint Editor menu bar, click File>Save As.

    Tip: You can also save a Blueprint as a named .bp file by clicking Save Blueprint to Disk in the Blueprints section of the Blueprint Editor Task Pane.

    The Save Blueprint window opens.

  3. Provide a filename for the Blueprint.

    Tip: Use a naming convention that makes sense to your organization. For example, consider adding a date, time, system name, etc. to the filename to distinguish it.

  4. Ensure that the file type is .bp.

    Blueprint Filename

  5. Click Save.

    A .bp file is created. The name of the Blueprint is displayed at the top of the CSM Administrator Main window and at the top the Blueprint Editor.

    Blueprint Editor

To save changes to the open Blueprint:

  1. In a Blueprint, do one of the following:

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