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Scan a Blueprint

Use a Blueprint Scan to periodically check your working Blueprint for potential errors. The scan will look for missing items and alert you to any changes you need to make.

To scan a Blueprint:

  1. Open the Blueprint Editor.
  2. From the Blueprint Editor menu bar, click File>Scan.

    Tip: You can also scan a Blueprint by clicking Scan Blueprint in the Blueprints section of the Blueprint Editor Task Pane.

    The Operation in Progress window opens, displaying the progress of the scan.

    Operation In Progress (Blueprint Scan)

    If the scan is successful, a success window opens.

    Scan Successful (Blueprint Scan)

    If the scan detects errors, an error window opens.

    Examples: You will receive warnings if you create a Business Object without also creating a Form and/or Grid to display it, or if you delete items that are referenced by other items in CSM (ex: An Expression used on a Form).

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