About Formal Reports

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A formal Report is a .rpt file that is a formatted and organized presentation of CSM data that meets defined criteria (ex: Most Popular Knowledge Articles displayed in descending order as color-coded alert bars). Where ad-hoc Reports pull data for a specific or immediate use (ex: A data-driven Widget on a Dashboard), formal Reports are generated, organized, and designed using defined criteria that the User selects. These Reports are typically run through the Report Manager and the Report Wizard, though formal Reports can be run using a command-driven Widget on a Dashboard or using a One-Step. Examples include:

  • My open Incidents by category.
  • Past month Incidents by priority.
  • Past year service trends.

    Example OOTB Report

CSM provides several Reporting tools to help create, edit, and delete Reports for a User, a Role, a Team/Workgroup, a Portal Site, or the entire system:

In addition to the Cherwell Report Writer, Users can use third-party reporting tools, such as SQL Reporting Services or Crystal Reports.

CSM also provides numerous OOTB Reports to relay information or convey specific metrics.

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