HTML Page Manager

Use the HTML Page Manager to complete general CSM Item Manager operations for HTML Pages.

There are several ways to open the HTML Page Manager.

To open the HTML Page Manager:

  1. The HTML Page Manager can be opened several ways:
    • From the CSM Browser Client menu bar, click HTML Pages>HTML Page Manager.
    • In the CSM Administrator Main window, click the Browser and Mobile category, and then click the HTML Page Manager task.
    • From within the Site Manager in CSM Administrator.
Note: The HTML Page Editor is accessed from within the HTML Page Manager when creating or editing an Internal HTML page.

HTML Page Manager

  1. Menu bar:

    Displays a row of drop-down menus available in the Manager.

  2. Toolbar:

    Displays a row of buttons for operations available in the Manager.

  3. Search Control:

    Displays a search box to find specific words or phrases in the Manager.

  4. Manager tree: Displays items in a hierarchical tree, organized by scope, and subfolder if applicable. Also lists any Searches run during the session.
  5. Main Pane:

    Displays items by View (Icon, List, or Details (Grid)) and lists search results when a Search is run.

Good to know:

  • Use the Manager Context (right-click) menu to quickly access menu bar/toolbar options.
  • For more information about working in CSM Item Managers, refer to the Item Managers documentation.
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