Browser Client Calendars

The CSM Browser Client has Calendar capabilities that are nearly in parity with the Calendars in the Desktop Client. While there are some layout differences between the two (ex: The three month navigator is located to the left of the main Calendar pane in the Browser Client), the Browser Client Calendar also appears very similar to the Calendar in the CSM Desktop Client.

Calendar Comparison

Above: Browser Client Calendar. Below: CSM Desktop Client Calendar.

When working with Calendars in the CSM Browser Client, Users can:

  • View a Calendar:
    • View the default Calendar by selecting a Calendar from the Calendars drop-down.
    • View other Calendars using the Calendar Manager (Calendars>Calendar Manager).
  • Change the Calendar View.

In the Browser Client, Calendar functionality is accessed using the Calendars drop-down on the Browser Client menu bar.

From the Calendars drop-down, Users can access:

  • The default Calendar.
  • The Calendar Manager.
  • Most Recently Used (MRU) Calendars.

    Browser Client Calendars Dropdown Menu

Good to know:

  • Calendars can be viewed and used (ex: Adding Calendar events) in the Browser Client; however, Calendars are managed (created, edited, deleted, etc.) and configured (security rights and defaults) only in the CSM Desktop Client and CSM Administrator.
  • The Calendar Manager behaves differently in the Browser Client than it does in the CSM Desktop Client. See Browser Client Managers for more information.
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