About Our Documentation

Cherwell currently offers the following product documents:

  • Help system: Searchable online help system that includes all our product documentation. Most content is intended for users and novice system administrators; however, many advanced topics are covered.
  • PDFs: PDFs for specific features can be found in our Product Documentation repository on the support site: http://cherwellsupport.com/.
  • Quick Start Cards: Four-page, printable, foldable cards that provide quick reference to procedures, features, tips and tricks.
  • Play Button Icon 3-Minute Videos: Short, narrated video tutorials that walk you through CSM's powerful features and procedures. Videos can be accessed from within the help using the Play Button Icon links, or from Knowledge Articles (KA) on the support site: http://cherwellsupport.com/.
    Tip: Other Cherwell videos are also available from KAs on the support site (ex: Webinars, Marketing, Training, etc.). Access Customer videos from the Cherwell Community.

We are working hard to enhance our content and continually update this help system. Check back often for enhancements.

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