Add Business Object to mApp Wizard

The Add Business Object to mApp wizard (accessed from within the mApp Editor) is a specialized tool that adds Business Objects and their associated Fields, Relationships, Forms, Grids, and Form Arrangements to a mApp. Use the Add Business Object to mApp Wizard to select which Business Object to add to the mApp and define its importance to the mApp. Then, define how the Business Object will be imported into the target system when the mApp is applied:

  • Overwrite All: Overwrites the existing definitions in the target system, or adds them if they are not already there.
  • Overwrite defaults only (applies to Forms and Grids): Overwrites the existing defaults in the target system.
  • Do not overwrite any: Leaves the definitions in the target system unchanged (does not overwrite or add the definition).
  • Let me choose: Allows you to select which items or areas (ex: Specific Fields) to merge. Selected items are overwritten if they exist in the target system, and added if they are not. The items you do not select are left unchanged in the target system.

    Tip: When you select Let me choose, you can click the Uncheck All button Uncheck All Button to clear everything in the list (ex: Clear all Fields) or the Select All button Multiple Selection Question Button to select everything in the list.

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