Create a Search Results List Widget

Use the Search Results List Widget Properties window (accessed from within the Widget Manager) to create a Search Results List Widget.

To create a Search Results List Widget:

  1. Create a Widget.
  2. In the Type drop-down, select Search Results List.
  3. Define general properties:
    1. Default title:

      Provide the title to display above the Widget. The font, style, and color is inherited from the Dashboard on which this Widget resides.

      Note: You can change this title (Controls text box) when you put the Widget on a Dashboard; however, the title is not dynamic so changes will not be pushed back to this field. Likewise, if you later change this title in Widget Properties, the changes will NOT be pushed out to all the places it resides on Dashboards. For more formatting flexibility, use a "floating" Text Widget to display a label or title for a Widget.

    2. Business object:

      Select the Business Object to search (example: Incident). Only one type of Business Object can be selected. The drop-down displays only Major Business Objects. To display all Business Objects, select the Show All check box.

  4. Define display properties:
    1. Specify how to display the search results (Grid or clickable links):
      • Show Results in a Grid: Select this radio button to display the Search Results in a Grid, and then define:
        • Custom Grid:

          Select this check box to display a custom Grid, rather than the system administrator-defined default Grid.

          Note: The system administrator has defined multiple Grids for the selected Business Object. If no Grid is selected, the system administrator-selected default Grid for the Business Object is used.

        • Default to Showing Grouping:

          Select this check box to automatically show Grid Grouping functionality on the Search Results List Widget.

        • Allow User to Show/Hide Grouping Options:

          Select this check box to allow Users to enable Grid Grouping on Search Results List Widgets if it is not automatically enabled.

        • Allow Drill-Down:

          Select this check box to allow Users to double-click the Widget and be taken to data represented by that Widget.

      • Show Results as Links: Select this radio button to display each Search Result as a clickable link.
    2. Limit Results: Select this check box to limit the number of results in the Search Results List Widget to a specified number, and then specify the number.
  5. Define the Search Criteria (what to search for—example: Open Incidents). Data is located/filtered using one the following options:
    • Saved Search Query (Search Group): Click the Ellipses button Ellipses Button to open the Search Group Manager, and then select an existing Search Group (saved Search Query) or create a Search Group. Saved Searches can be used over and over in numerous places.
    • Custom Search Query: Click the Custom Query button General Knowledge Search Button to open the Custom Query Builder, and then create a custom Search Query to use only for this scenario.
  6. Define a timeframe for the Search Query (Date Range area):
    1. Select a range option, either:
      • Range: Select this radio button to define a date range for the Query, and then select an existing timeframe (example: Anytime or Previous Year), or click the New button to define a new timeframe.
      • User Selectable: Select this radio button to allow the User/Customer to select the date range from a drop-down. Then, click the Ellipses button Ellipses Button to open the Multiple Date Ranges window and select the date ranges to include in the drop-down.
    2. Field used for date range: Select the Field to use to give the range perspective (example: LastModDateTime gives Previous Year perspective).
  7. Define how often to refresh the Widget:
    1. Refresh every:

      Select this check box to refresh the content according to a defined time period, and then provide the refresh timeframe (every x hours or minutes).

  8. Click OK.

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