Platform Version Requirements: 5.0.0 or later

Out-of-the-Box Content Version Requirements: None

Prerequisite Requirements: None


The RACI for Task mergeable application (mApp) provides functionality that allows you to define the role of each stakeholder for Tasks related to ITPT Projects. Stakeholders include:

  • Responsible: User who is responsible for the Task (assigned the Task). This stakeholder can lock the RACI Matrix and RACI Stakeholder forms so that they cannot be edited.
  • Accountable: User who is accountable for the Task (created the Task). This stakeholder can lock the RACI Matrix and RACI Stakeholder forms so that they cannot be edited.
  • Consulted: User or Customer who provides the expertise necessary to complete the Task. This stakeholder can be e-mailed directly from the RACI Matrix form.
  • Informed: User or Customer who is notified about the status of the Task. This stakeholder receives automatic notifications when the status of the Task changes, but can also be notified manually from the RACI Matrix form.

The RACI Matrix is configured in CSM Administrator using the Task Object and is used in the CSM Desktop Client using the Task Form. When a Task is created, the responsible and accountable stakeholders are automatically assigned. Then, the Task creator assigns up to five additional Users and/or Customers as stakeholders who are consulted and informed.

RACI Matrix Overview

This mApp includes multiple features, including Business Objects (ex: RACI Actions, RACI Roles), an Automation Process (Notify RACI I), Widgets (ex: RACI Task Overview, Stakeholder RACI Tasks, etc.), a Dashboard (RACI Dashboard), and One-Steps (ex: Add New Stakeholder, Disable Matrix, etc.).

Note: Prerequisites Note: The intent of the RACI for Task mApp is to be used with the ITPT process. The mApp also uses an updated form design for Supporting Objects. If you do not have this functionality, download the ITPT mApp and the Redesigned Supporting Object Forms mApp from the mApp Exchange.

How the mApp Works

CSM provides RACI for Task as a mApp so that Users can easily incorporate RACI roles into their existing system. Download the mApp from the Cherwell mApp Exchange. Use the Apply mApp wizard to apply the mApp to your CSM system. The Apply mApp wizard generates a Blueprint, which can then be viewed and published to a test or Live system to commit the changes.

The mApp includes the following items:

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action

Business Object


RACI Action, RACI Roles Import
Task Merge
Customer, Customer - Internal, Incident, ITPT Project, Journal, Journal - Note, Journal - SLM History, Task Status, UserInfo Don't Change
Automation Process Notify RACI I Import
Dashboard RACI Dashboard Import
One-Step Add New Stakeholder, Custom Action for Stakeholder 2, Disable Matrix, Disable Matrix Form, Edit Stakeholder 1, Edit Stakeholder 2, Edit Stakeholder 3, Edit Stakeholder 4, Edit Stakeholder 5, Edit Stakeholder 6, Edit Stakeholder 7, Remove Custom Action, Remove Stakeholder, Set Stakeholder, Shift Stakeholders Import
Expression Convert Responsibility to Letter, Disable When Max, Show RACI Form Import
Stored Query Accountable, Consulted, Informed, Responsible, My Accountable, My Consulted, My Informed, My Responsible Import
Stored Value Search Stakeholder Import
Themes Default Dark, Professional Grey Don't Change
Widget My RACI Task Totals, My RACI Tasks, RACI Date Filter - Within Last 1 Month, RACI Task Overview, Stakeholder RACI Tasks Import
  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp, but not altered in any way. The mApp includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).

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Steps to Apply the mApp

To apply the mApp, perform the following high-level steps:

  1. Download the mApp.
  2. Apply the mApp using the Apply mApp wizard in CSM Administrator.
    Note: On the Amount of User Interaction page of the mApp wizard, select the Make reasonable decisions, but ask me if unsure option. Then, select the Enabled check box to display the RACI Matrix tab in the Form Arrangement for Incident and/or ITPT Project.

Steps to Configure the mApp

After applying the mApp, perform the following high-level steps to configure the mApp:

  1. Add RACI Form Controls to Task Forms.
  2. Define Custom RACI Action options.

Steps to Use the mApp in the CSM Desktop Client

To use the mApp in the Desktop Client, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a RACI Matrix for a Project Task.
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