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Print a Grid

Print a Grid so that you can produce a hard-copy version of your data. When you print a Grid, you define:

Good to know:

To print a Grid:

  1. In a Grid, click File>Print Grid or Right-click>Print Grid.

    The Print Grid window opens.

    Print Grid Window

  2. Select the columns you want to print by moving them to the Selected Fields box:

    Note: By default, all rows are selected.

    1. Use the Left and Right Arrows Arrow Left Green Arrow Right Green to move columns from/to the Selected Fields box.
    2. Use the Up and Down Arrows Arrow Up Green Arrow Down Green to order the printed columns.
  3. Define the printer options:
    1. Printer: Select the printer to which to print.
    2. Page Setup: Click this button to define basic paper setup options (ex: Paper, orientation, margins).
    3. Font: Click this button to define the font, font style, and font size for the text on the printed Grid.

      Note: Page Setup and Font options vary according to the driver of the selected printer.

  4. Define the print layout options:
    1. Force width to single page: Select this box to resize the printed Grid so that it fits on a single page (does not off trail off the edge.
    2. Shade alternate rows: Select this box to add a gray shade to every other row of the Grid.
    3. Number pages: Select this box to add a page number to the footer of the printed page.
    4. Preview: Click to this button display a preview of the Grid before you print it.
  5. Click OK.

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