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Out-of-the-Box IT Portal Site Department Items Dashboard

The Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) IT Portal Site comes with a Department Items Dashboard accessed through the Charts and Items menu on the menu bar.The Department Items Dashboard displays CSM metrics relevant to the entire department (ex: IT). These metrics are generated upon login. Initially, members of the department are decided by the OOTB Teams and Workgroups; however, the Workgroup can be edited using the Team and Workgroup Manager in CSM Administrator.

OOTB IT Portal Site Department Items Dashboard

Note: The Department Items Dashboard and the metrics that accompany it are dependent upon login. Anonymous browsers cannot access the Dashboard or its metrics.

The following table describes the items in the OOTB IT Portal Site Department Items Dashboard.



Department Open Incidents and Requests

Displays open Incidents and Requests that have been logged across all clients (Portal, Browser, and Desktop) by department.

Department Request Totals

Displays a graph detailing the total number of Requests logged across all clients (Portal, Browser, and Desktop Clients) broken down by the person who logged the Request in your department.

Department Items

Displays a list of Open Service Requests, Open Incidents, Active Discussions,and Devices Assigned to Department. The number to the right of each list item is a hyperlink that takes you to a table view of the departments Incidents, Requests, discussions, and devices that includes Record Type, ID, Customer Name, Problem Description, and more.

Service Desk Hours

Displays Service Desk Hours.

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