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Out-of-the-Box IT Portal Site

CSM provides an Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) IT Portal Site to get started. This OOTB IT Portal Site is built using OOTB Site Items and predefined properties (below). We recommend that you implement this OOTB Site so that you can explore the features. Later, tailor it, or create new Sites to meet the needs of your organization. OOTB Site Items include:

OOTB properties include:

The following figure shows the OOTB IT Portal Site with the Home Logged-in Dashboard active in the Main window:

  1. The banner shows the Site title and a contact phone number.
  2. The Site Selector provides login access and Portal Site access if more than one Portal Site has been established (ex: OOTB IT Portal, OOTB HR Portal, OOTB Corporate Portal, etc.).
  3. The Site menu bar provides access to the Service Catalog, a Document Repository (Public Docs), and metrics (Charts and Items).
  4. The Search Control enables search capabilities.
  5. The Home Startup Item is the Logged-in Dashboard (Portal Default) that directs Customers to log and/or view Incidents and Service Requests (6), find help by browsing Knowledge Articles and FAQs (7), and manage their devices through Service Requests (8). The Dashboard also displays live metrics (global and personal) (9) and a live Discussion Board (10).

    OOTB IT Portal Site

    Note: Bomgar Remote Support Center is included on the OOTB IT Portal; however, it is disabled in the Portal until Bomgar is configured in CSM Administrator. Bomgar must be purchased separately.

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Out-of-the-Box IT Portal Site Dashboards

Out-of-the-Box IT Portal Site Service Catalog

Out-of-the-Box IT Portal Site Document Repository

Out-of-the-Box IT Portal Site Charts and Items

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