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About One-Steps

Every Service Desk has repeated tasks. One-Steps are designed to automate repetitive tasks so they can be initiated by simply pressing a button or selecting a menu item.

One-Steps can do a variety of things. For example, customers often call in to have their password reset. A One-Step could be created that runs a program to reset the password and e-mails it to the customer.

Another example is setting up a new employee. A One-Step could create an Incident and automatically assign tasks to every department that needs to do something for the new employee – setting up computer, internet connectivity, phone, cubicle, business cards, badge, etc. The one Incident would track everything needed for the new employee and be initiated just by running the One-Step.

Another example is a One-Step that notifies a customer that an issue is resolved and includes a survey for feedback on the customer service received.

One-Steps can do a variety of things, such as:

A single One-Step can be generated that does a whole series of these things in order to eliminate most (if not all) of the steps that a technician would have to do manually.

One-Steps can be run against single records, groups of records or predefined Cherwell Search Groups. After a One-Step is created, it can be run from the manager or from a variety of places within CSM, as well as from a Business Process.

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