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About Rich Text

Rich Text is a capability that enables capturing and storing data with embedded images and text formatting. Formatting capabilities include different fonts, font sizes, styles (bold, italics, underline), and colors. Some page formatting is also supported, including line spacing and indentation. Use Rich Text in the following areas:

In the CSM Desktop Client, provide and format text in Rich Text-enabled Business Object Fields (ex: Incident Description). Access formatting options through the Rich Text Zoom window (F8) or format text using keyboard shortcuts.

Rich Text Zoom Window (Incident)

Rich Text can also be captured and stored in Journals (ex: Comments, Mail History, and Details Fields) and Knowledge Articles. You can create or import Knowledge Articles with embedded screenshots, numbered lists, and other Rich Text formatting.

In the Portal, Customers can format text and insert images into Incident and Request Descriptions, Knowledge Article Solutions, and Discussion Board Messages using a Rich Text Editor.

In addition to Business Object Fields, Rich Text can be used in e-mails and One-Steps. When e-mails are received via the E-mail and Event Monitor, their rich content is automatically captured. You can also embed Rich Text Fields into One-Steps (ex: Send a Knowledge Article to a Customer that includes images, fonts, etc.).

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