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Configure Global Help Settings

Use the Help page in the CSM Administrator System Settings window to configure the following Global Help settings:

Good to know:

To configure Global Help settings:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Settings category, and then click the Edit System Settings task.

    CSM Administrator Settings Page

  2. Click the Help page.

    Global Help Settings

  3. Configure if and where to access an alternative Help System:
    1. Alternate Help Site: Check this check box to access a defined Help System/site rather than the OOTB CSM Help System. Then, define which Help System/site to use (in the URL field).
    2. URL: Specify the URL to where the alternative Help System/site is stored.
    3. Pass Parameters: Check this check box to pass parameters.
  4. Configure whether or not to display Process and Terminology help:
    1. Show Process and Terminology Help: Check this check box to enable/display Process and Terminology Help in CSM. Process and Terminology Help text is defined in the Process and Terminology pages in the Business Object/Field Properties windows.
  5. Click OK.

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