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Configure Global Search Settings

Use the Search page in the CSM Administrator System Settings window to define Global Search settings for:

Good to know:

To configure Global Search settings:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Settings category, and then click the Edit System Settings task.

    CSM Administrator Settings Page

    The System Settings window opens.

  2. Click the Search page.

    Global Search Settings

  3. Configure Full Text Search settings:
    1. Define how string searches (ex: "CSM Software") are conducted, either:
      • All Search Words Should Exist in the Same Field: Select this check box to return records only when both words are found in a single Field (ex: "CSM" and Software" are found in the same Field).
      • Search Words Can Be Found in Different Fields: Select this check box to return records if both words are found in different Fields in the same Business Object (ex: "CSM" is found in one Field and "Software" is found in another Field).
    2. Search For Different Forms of the Word: Select this check box to return records that have plural and past tense forms of the word, and different verb tenses. For example, if the search is for "find", the records found will be those with "find," "finds," "found," etc.
  4. Configure whether the Quick Search will default to using:
  5. Configure whether the Knowledge Search will default to using:
  6. Click OK.

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