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Incident Tasks

A Task is a piece of work that is created and assigned to another CSM User or Team to help resolve/fulfill an Incident/Service Request, Problem, or Change Request (ex: An Incident might require a server reboot). Tasks can also be used to successfully complete a Project or Release (ex: A Project might require a new switch). Use Tasks to distribute and track individual pieces of work assigned to Teams or Users within the context of an Incident.

The following OOTB Task types are available for Incidents:

The Task form captures and manages your Tasks. The Task form is a child record that is linked to and available from its parent Incident Form (access the form by clicking the Tasks tab in the Incident Arrangement). The Task form that is accessed from an Incident is an abbreviated form view.

Abbreviated Task Form

To view the detailed Task form, click the Go to Record button Go to Button, or search for the Task using Quick Search or a Search Group.

Note: For detailed information about the Task form, see the Task form documentation.

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