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Create an External Connection to an OLE DB

An External Connection connects CSM to an External Database. The steps below are specifically for an External Connection between CSM and an OLE Database.

To create an External Connection to an OLE Server Database:

  1. Open the External Connections Manager.
  2. Click the Create New button Create New Button.

    The External Connection Wizard opens.

    External Connection Wizard Welcome Page

  3. Click Next.

    The Database Source page opens.

  4. Click OLE DB.

    Note: OLE Database is a standard that allows CSM to connect to a variety of databases in a common format.

  5. Click Next.

    The OLE DB Provider page opens.

    External Connection Wizard OLE DB Provider page

  6. Select an OLE DB Provider.

    Note: Drivers should be available from a database vendor. Consult the database vendor for assistance locating this driver. There are also OLE Database drivers from third-party vendors that can be used.

    Note: Although ODBC Drivers is an option in this list, it is not compatible with the .NET OLE Database mechanism, which is used by CSM for communication with external data sources.

  7. Click Next.

    The Database Location page opens.

    External Connection Wizard Database location page - OLE DB

  8. Select the Database Location of the connecting database:
  9. Click Next.

    The Select Database page opens.

    Note: If Data comes from a file is selected on the Database Location page, the Database field is replaced with a File field.

    External Connection Wizard Select Database page

  10. Provide the Name of the database/file to which to connect, or click Browse to see a list of available databases/files.
  11. Click Next.

    The Login Options page opens.

    External Connection Wizard Login Options page

  12. If the database requires login information, provide it on this page, either:
  13. Click Next.

    The Database Owner or Schema page opens.

    External Connection Wizard Database Owner or Schema page

  14. Select a Database owner or schema in the drop down. This field should be pre-populated.

    Note: Not all databases have this concept. If implemented, and CSM is able to read the available owners, they are listed in the drop-down. If not, provide the owner name. If unsure, provide the dbo default.

  15. Click Next.

    The Pooling Options page opens.

    External Connection Wizard Pooling options page - OLE DB

  16. Select the Connection Pooling options for the database.

    Note: The defaults are usually acceptable for most scenarios; however, setting the pool sizes customizes the caching options.

  17. Click Next.

    The Connection name page opens.

    External Connection Wizard Connection name page

  18. Provide a Name for the database connection.
  19. (Optional) Provide a Description for the database connection.
  20. Click Next.

    The Connection String page opens, displaying the connection string that is used to connect to the database (modify if needed).

    External Connection Wizard Connection String page

  21. Click Test Connection to verify that the connection to the server/database.

    Text appears next to the button confirming the connection is successful.

    Note: If the test connection is not successful, contact a DBA for help.

  22. Click Finish.

    There is now a connection to the External OLE Database.

  23. Publish the Blueprint (File>Publish Blueprint) to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint (File>Save Blueprint) to continue making other changes.

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