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About Automation Processes

Automation Processes allow CSM Users to automate behavior by creating rules for the system to follow. This could include either automatically completing an Action when a particular event takes place (ex: When an Incident is closed, send a notification to the Customer), or handling time-sensitive issues (ex: If the Customer has not been contacted within four hours, automatically remind the Technician). Automation Processes can also watch for trends (ex: If the number of open Incidents exceeds a particular threshold, then automatically act). Automation Processes operate within the timeframe of defined Business Hours.

There are three types of Automation Processes:

Automation Process Types

CSM provides multiple tools to manage Automation Processes, including the Automation Process Editor and Visual Workflow Process Designer.

CSM provides several OOTB Automation Processes designed to help automate common service desk operations. Use these OOTB Automation processes as-is, edit them, or create your own using the Automation Process Manager and Automation Process Editor.

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