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Object Manager

The Object Manager is the interface within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator that allows you to manage (create, edit, and delete) the various aspects of a Business Object and perform various Business Object operations. Use the Object Manager to:

The Object Manager is opened from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator.

Object Manager

  1. View: Displays the currently selected Business Object View and shows which Business Objects in the Object Tree are included in the View.

    Note: Business Object Views allow different Users to see different instances of a Business Object. The Default View is the view that all Users will see if a custom view has not been created. The Business Objects that are not available for a particular View are still listed but are grayed out and cannot be selected.

  2. Object Types: Filters Business Objects by type.
  3. Object Tree: Displays Business Objects (in alphabetical order) of the selected type and included in the selected View.
  4. Business Object Tasks: Displays a list of available operations that allow you to edit the structure and appearance of a Business Object, and perform other operations as necessary (scan for problems, export a Schema, etc.).

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