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Configure User Task Pane and Search Control Settings

Use the Task Pane and Search page in the CSM Options window to configure the following User Task Pane and Search Control settings:

Good to know:

To configure User Task Pane and Search Control settings:

  1. Open the CSM Options window.
  2. Click the Task Pane and Search page.

    CSM Options Window Task Pane and Search Options Page

  3. Configure Task Pane settings:
  4. View or hide the following sections in the Task Pane (check or uncheck the corresponding check box):
  5. Add items to the Task Pane (if not using the Default Task Pane Setup):
    1. Click Add (Default Task Pane Setup must be unchecked to allow adding items).

      The Task Pane Section window opens.

    2. Specify a name for the Task pane section.
    3. Click Add.

      The Action Manager opens.

    4. Select the items you want to appear in the Task Pane (Calendars, Commands, Dashboards, Document Repositories, One-Steps, Reports, Searches, or Visualizations).
  6. Customize the CSM Search Control in the menu bar Search Options:
  7. Click OK.

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