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About Grids

A CSM Grid is a tabular view of CSM data from a Business Object. CSM uses a Grid to display:

The following figure shows some example Grids:

Grid Examples

You can print, export, and run an Action from most CSM Grids. You can also personalize (sort, filter, group, size, move, and add/remove columns) your instance of most Grids so that they display only the data you want and in a way that is meaningful to you. Some personal changes persist so that your changes display the same way the next time you view the Grid in the same location.

Note: Very large text Fields do not support sorting. Only Business Object Grids (record Grids) support running Actions. Item Manager Grids support sorting and sizing only. Nested Grids have limited functionality.

CSM provides one or more OOTB Grids for each OOTB Business Object (these are called Business Object Grids). Use these Business Object Grids as-is, edit them, or create your own. To help manage (create, edit, and delete) Business Object Grids, CSM provides the Grid Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator).

Note: Grid security and default display settings are configured in CSM Administrator.

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