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About Forms

A CSM Form is a graphical representation of a CSM Major Business Object that is used to view and input data directly into the Business Object's fields using configurable Form Controls (ex: Text boxes, combo boxes, links, buttons, etc.) and an optional Form Arrangement (special tabbed area that displays related data). When you view an Incident record in CSM, you are viewing the Incident Business Object Form; each Form Control represents an Incident field. Example Forms include:

The following figure shows an example Form with several different types of Form Controls and a Form Arrangement at the bottom. A Form Theme controls the colors and styles of the Form and its Controls, and gives the Form a cohesive look.

Form Example

The following types of Forms are available for each Business Object:

CSM provides a wide variety of OOTB Forms, including an OOTB default Regular Form for each OOTB Business Object (in some cases, multiple Regular Forms are provided); an OOTB Summary and Mini-Summary Form for most Major and Supporting Objects (although not all are used); an OOTB Form Arrangement for each OOTB Major Object; and OOTB Form Views for most Major Objects for the OOTB Portal View. Use these OOTB Forms as-is, edit them, or create your own. To help manage (create, edit, and delete) Forms, CSM provides the Form Editor; to help manage Form Arrangements, CSM provides the Form Arrangement Editor. Both tools are accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator.

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