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About the CSM Browser Client

The CSM Browser Client is a web application that enables Users to access most of the features available from the CSM Windows-based Desktop Client using a browser. The CSM Browser Client supports most major modern browsers on desktop machines and tablets.

CSM Browser Client features include:

The main Business Objects available in the Desktop Client are also available in the Browser Client, so there is as little difference between the two as possible. The majority of the differences in functionality lie in configuring and administrative functions within the Browser Client. The configurations and settings for the Browser Client are determined in the CSM Desktop Client and CSM Administrator. Many functions behave differently in the Browser Client than they do in the Desktop Client. To see the differences in functionality between the Browser Client and the Desktop Client, see Using the Browser Client.

Before Users can access the Browser Client, it must be configured by a system administrator. After the Browser Client has been configured, Users access the Browser Client via a browser (Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, etc.).

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