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User Mapping Wizard

Use the User Mapping Wizard to map the CSM User Business Object and User Information to the directory service object that represents Users. The Wizard automatically maps CSM fields to directory service fields. The Wizard also creates some common fields. Since fields in the directory service standard are sometimes cryptic, CSM assigns more obvious names to them. For example, the "co" field in LDAP holds the name of the country, so CSM calls its field Country.

The Map LDAP object page is the where objects are selected to map to each other. Click the Add button to see all of the directory service fields that were not mapped and add any additional fields desired. There is no maximum fields allowed. Click the Delete button to remove any fields that are not necessary.

LDAP Mapping Wizard Map LDAP Object page

IMPORTANT: Be sure to map the field that holds the User ID of each LDAP User. This field is needed to synchronize when a re-import is done for Users.

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