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License CDI and Configure Your CMDB

Use the Configuration System Manager (and its Configuration Management Setup Wizard) to license CDI and configure your CMDB.

When you run the wizard, you provide the following information:

To license CDI and configure CMDB:

  1. Open the Configuration System Manager.
  2. Click the Create New button Create New Button.

    The Configuration Management Setup Wizard opens.

  3. Click Next.

    The Select System page opens.

    Configuration Management Setup Wizard - Select System page

  4. Select Cherwell Discovery and Inventory, and then click Next.

    The Licensing page opens.

    Note: This does not appear if you are already licensed.

    Configuration Management Setup Wizard - Licensing page

  5. Type your Company Name and Cherwell Discovery and Inventory license code. Note that this is a different license code than CSM. If you do not have a license code, contact your sales or support representative.
  6. Click Next.

    The Configuration Options page opens.

    Configuration Management Setup Wizard - Configuration page

  7. Associate with Object: Select the "Configuration Item" Business Object to use with CDI.

    Note: Typically, this is Cherwell's "Configuration Item" Business Object. Configuration Item is actually a group of Config Business Objects and is provided in the CSM Starter database.

  8. Automatically Configure Business Objects: Check this box to automatically create the mapping between the device data and the Business Objects/Fields. CDI creates new Business Objects, Fields, and Relationship, if needed. CDI also assigns asset properties to the Business Object Fields.
  9. Automatically Configure Forms, Grids, and Arrangements: Check this box to set up Forms, Grids, and Arrangements that are preconfigured to show the various Fields, Relationships, etc. that are configured by this process.

    Note: This option is available only if you chose Cherwell's Configuration Item.

    Tip: We recommend you choose both these options unless you have done a lot of custom work on your CMDB Business Objects and Forms.

  10. Click Next.

    The Name and Description page opens.

    Configuration Management Setup Wizard - Name and Description page

  11. Type a name and description for the CDI connection definition.
  12. Click Finish.

    CSM licenses CDI, enables CDI functionality, and then configures your CMDB to accept properties from inventoried devices. A success message appears when configuration is complete.

    Example: If you chose "Configuration Item," the following Configuration Item group member Business Objects are configured:

    The following Supporting Business Objects are configured:

    The following Relationships are configured:

  13. Click OK.

    Your connection definition is added to the list of connections.

  14. Click Close to close the Manager.
  15. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes (File>Publish Blueprint).

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