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About Cherwell Discovery and Inventory

Cherwell Discovery and Inventory™ (CDI), formerly called Cherwell Asset Intelligence (CAI), is an add-on to Cherwell Service Management (CSM) that allows for agent-less scanning of IP-based assets on your network, with the overall goal of populating your Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and keeping it up to date.

There are two distinct processes that comprise a CDI asset scan:

Discovery and Inventory are executed by the Cherwell Configuration Scheduling Service, which is a Windows service generally installed when the Cherwell Application Server is installed. The Configuration Scheduling Service passes data to the Cherwell Application Server (like any other client), where data is stored for the database. Which data goes where in the database depends on the operation in progress.

Note: You can install multiple instances of the Configuration Scheduling Service, which might be necessary if your server does not have access to the network to be scanned (ex: If you are running in a SaaS environment and the hosted server cannot talk to your network). You might also need to have additional scanners to work around VPN issues because VPNs will often block ports required for scanning.

Both As with any asset scanning process, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Be sure to consider the implications of Discovery and Inventory before implementing your process.

CDI provides the following tools to help you configure and use Discovery and Inventory:

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