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About Approvals

An Approval is a defined process that automates, regulates, and tracks approving/denying/abstaining content by one or more designated Users or Teams. Use Approvals to request approval for items within a Major Business Object and automatically perform Actions based on whether designated Approvers approve, deny, or abstain. For example, use an Approval to approve:

An Approval is a Supporting Business Object that can be used in conjunction with a Major Business Object (ex: When a Knowledge Article reaches the Approval phase, an Approval tab displays in the Form Arrangement of the record). Approvals can be added to any Major Business Object and are made up of one or more Approval Blocks. Each Approval Block consists of:

You can use multiple dependent Approval Blocks to define multi-level Approvals (different triggers, Approvers, and Actions for different situations within the same Business Object). For example, an Emergency Change Request might require that all Emergency Change Board members approve the change, whereas a regular server change might require only the approval of a hardware Team member.

CSM provides several OOTB Approvals. Use these OOTB Approvals as-is, edit them, or create your own using the Approval Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator).

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