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Create a Group Map

Use the Group Map Editor (accessed through the Group Map Manager) to create Group Maps. When you create a Group Map, you define:

To create a Group Map:

  1. Open the Group Map Manager.
  2. Select a Business Object association, if applicable.

    Note: If you opened the Group Map Manager from the Field Properties window, the Association is automatically set to the Business Object associated with the Field.

  3. Click the Create New button Create New Button.

    The Group Map Editor opens.

    Group Map Editor

  4. Define general properties for the Group Map:
  5. Define the Business Objects and Fields to use for the Group Map:
  6. Map rows to define the Group Member to which Fields are mapped based on the values they contain:

    Tip: To add the first map row, select values in the drop-downs. To add new rows after that, click New Row.

  7. Define additional properties for the map:
  8. Click OK.

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