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Create a Blueprint

Use the Create a New Blueprint task (accessed from the CSM Administrator main window) to create a Blueprint.

To create a Blueprint:

  1. In the CSM Administrator Main window, click the Blueprints category, and then click the Create a New Blueprint task.

    Blueprint Page

    Tip: You can also create a Blueprint by clicking Create a New Blueprint in the Common Tasks section of the CSM Administrator Task Pane.

    A Blueprint is created, and its interface, the Blueprint Editor, opens. By default, the Object Manager is displayed in the Blueprint Editor's Main Pane. The Blueprint is unnamed (called New Blueprint*) until saved to a named Blueprint file (.bp).

    Blueprint Editor

  2. Immediately, save the Blueprint to a named .bp file (File>Save As).

    The name of the saved, named Blueprint is now displayed.

    Blueprint Editor

  3. In this named Blueprint, you can now:
  4. As you make changes, save the changes to the named open Blueprint (click the Save button Save Button). When ready, publish the Blueprint to commit the changes.

    Tip: Periodically scan your Blueprint to find potential errors.

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