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About One-Steps

A One-Step™ is an entity that initiates one or more defined Actions (ex: Create an Incident record). A One-Step is made up of a series of Actions and can be simple (a few Actions) or complex (multiple Actions that run under conditional circumstances).

One-Step Overview

Use One-Steps to automate common or repetitive tasks. For example:

Run One-Steps from the One-Step Manager, or from a variety of places within CSM, including:

CSM provides many OOTB One-Steps on the CSM Desktop Client Task Pane, menu bar, and toolbar, as well as in Business Objects (to help you work with records), OOTB Automation Processes, etc. Use these One-Steps as-is, edit them, or create your own using the One-Step Manager. You can also add One-Steps (along with many other types of Actions) to various CSM areas. For more information, refer to the Actions documentation.

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