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About Quick Search

A Quick Search is a simple query that quickly finds all records containing a specific word or phrase (ex: Show all records whose description contains the word "phone"). Search options, such as record type, status, etc., are typically predefined to simplify the search, and vary depending on the purpose and location of the search. Quick Search is a Full-Text Search, so it searches all fields that have Full-Text search enabled (even those that are not specified) and finds similar words, as well. Examples include:

  1. CSM Desktop Client Search Control
  2. CSM Desktop Client Task Pane Quick Search
  3. CSM Desktop Client Quick Search Pane

    Note: The Quick Search pane does not display by default. To activate the Quick Search pane, right-click in the Main toolbar and select Quick Search. If the Quick Search opens in a small window, double-click the top banner of the window to activate the Quick Search pane. The Quick Search pane will automatically display next to the Knowledge Search.

Quick Search Results display in either the Grid or a list format in the CSM Desktop Client Main Pane.

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