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External Business Objects

An External Business Object is a Business Object that shares data with an External Database, either by:

The External Business Object definition notifies CSM what the external data is, where that external data is stored, and what rules to apply to that external data.

To help manage External Business Objects, CSM provides the External Data Wizard to create an External Business Object to link to external data and the External Data Import Wizard to walk through the steps to import external data into an External Business Object.

After the External Business Object is created, use it just like any other CSM Business Object. There are a few limitations that might be encountered when the underlying database queries between the CSM Database and the External Database. The advantage of an External Connection is that a User can use the data within CSM without realizing it comes from another database.

Note: Use an existing Business Object to share external data. To use an existing Business Object, first map an Existing CSM External Business Object to Import External Data, and then import the external data (linking from an existing Business Object is prohibited).

In This Section

Designate a Business Object for the External Data

Map an Existing Business Object to Import External Data

Create an External Business Object to Link to External Data

Import External Data into an External Business Object

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