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Business Object Views

A Business Object View is an entity that contains an instance of a Business Object so that data can be exposed from the same Business Object in different ways, allowing the representation to be more secure and more personal. For example, use a Portal View to create an instance of a Business Object for Customers accessing the data from the Portal. Then, create a simpler Portal Incident Form and/or Portal Grid specifically for Customers.

The following figure shows an example of a User Form and a Customer Form. The Customer Form is simpler; only required Fields are displayed and Field labels were changed so that they make sense to a Customer.

User Vs Customer View Example

Business Objects in a View can have their own behavior (properties, rules, Actions, Approvals) and appearance (Forms, Grids, and Form Arrangements). CSM provides OOTB Business Object Views for the CSM Desktop Client (Default) and the Portal (Portal Default). You can use these Views as-is, edit them, or create a new View. To help manage (create, edit, delete, etc.) Business Object Views, CSM provides the View Manager, accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator.

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