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Form Menu Bar Item

The Form menu bar item appears on the Blueprint Editor menu bar anytime a Form is active in the Object Manager. Use the Form menu bar item to access Form-specific commands.

Form Menu Bar Item

Form Menu



New Form

Opens the New Form window to create a new named Form.

Delete Form

Deletes the selected Form.

Form Properties

Opens the Form Properties window to access defined Form properties, such as name and Theme.

Change Theme

Opens the Select a Theme window to select a defined Theme.

Form Wizard

Launches the Form Wizard, which automatically creates a Form with all the appropriate Fields and Control properties.

View/Set Tab Order

Displays the currently defined tab order (order in which the cursor moves to the next Field Control when the tab key is pressed). Change the tab order, if needed.

Auto-Select Labels with Controls

When selected, automatically selects both the Field Label and Control when they are tied together. This is useful for moving Controls together.

Auto-Move Contained Controls

When selected, automatically moves all Controls contained within the boundary box of another Control (ex: Moves all Controls within a Group Box, or Rectangle, etc.). This is useful for moving Controls together.

Scale Form

Opens the Scale Form window, and then select default starting and ending DPI values to help size and align the Form/Controls if scaled.

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