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About Dashboards

A Dashboard is a configurable, interactive, and insightful console capable of initiating commands and Actions, and providing real-time, at-a-glance information through the use of filterable, configurable Widgets (Action Catalogs, Websites, Buttons and Links, Charts, Command Palettes, Gauges, Matrixes, Search Controls, Search Results, Twitter Feeds, RSS Feeds, and Shapes). Use a Dashboard to monitor critical metrics, analyze and predict trends, drill-down into data, initiate commands and actions, or just display a hodge-podge of information that might be relevant to a group of Users/Customers. Example Dashboards include:

The following figure shows an example Dashboard with several different types of Widgets. A Dashboard Theme controls the colors and styles of the Dashboard and its Widgets, and give the Dashboard a cohesive look. Configurable filtering, drill-down, and refresh capabilities allow you to view information when and how you want.


Each User has a designated default:

The default Dashboards (Home and HUD) and Dashboard Theme are initially selected in CSM Administrator, either Globally or by Role. If a User has security rights, she can select her own User default Dashboards and Dashboard Theme in the CSM Desktop Client. Access available Dashboards using the Dashboard Manager.

CSM provides several OOTB Dashboards, designed to help facilitate common service desk operations. Use these OOTB Dashboards as-is, edit them, or create your own using the Dashboard Manager and the Dashboard Editor.

Note: CSM also provides a variety of configurable Widgets to empower your Dashboards. For more information about Widgets, refer to the Widgets documentation.

CSM also provides a stand-alone Dashboard Viewer that allows non-CSM Users to view Dashboards without consuming a license.

In This Section

Tour a Dashboard

Dashboard Filtering

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Dashboard Themes

Dashboard Drill-Down

Dashboard Refresh

Dashboards Good to Know

OOTB Dashboards

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