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Group Business Objects

A Group Business Object is a set of Business Objects that share common Fields. For example, the Configuration Item Group has Group Members named Computer, Printer, and Telephony Equipment. A Group Leader (ex: Configuration Item) is the Business Object that is the root of a Group. It stores common Fields that all Group Members share. All Group Members are descended from the Group Leader. Group Objects are used when a number of items share commonality, but each one has some unique information associated with it. For example, Configuration Items all have Fields in common, such as Manufacturer and Serial Number. However, a Config-Mobile Device Object might have a SIM Card field, while a Config-Printer Object might have a Printer Drive Space field. Users can search for a specific Group Member (ex: Computer) or for any member of the group (ex: Configuration Item), in which case the results will include matching records from any Group Member (ex: Computer, Printer, etc.).

Any type of object (Major, Supporting, or Lookup) can be a Group Leader or Group Member. You define Group properties when you create a Business Object.

CSM provides several OOTB Group Business Objects (ex: Configuration Item, Journal, Specifics, etc.). Use these as-is, edit them, or create your own using a Blueprint.

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