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Configure Logging to a Splunk Server

Use the Server Manager to configure event logging to a Splunk server. (Event logging records significant events and errors, and is used for troubleshooting.)

Good to know:

To configure logging to a Splunk server:

  1. Open the Server Manager.

    Cherwell Server Manager

  2. In the Server drop-down, select a Server or Web application.
  3. Click the Logging button.

    The Logging Options window for the selected Server opens.

    Server Manager Logging Options Window

  4. Select the Log to Splunk check box.
  5. Select the log level from the drop-down:
  6. Click the Configure button.

    The Splunk Server Settings window open.

    Server Manager Splunk Server Settings Window

  7. Define the following settings:
  8. Click Test to test the CSM connection to the Splunk server.
  9. Click OK.

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