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About the Service Monitor

Important: The Service Monitor is currently available only for On-Premise Customers and Cherwell Support in order to monitor application performance.

The Service Monitor is a stand-alone Web Application that allows system administrators to remotely monitor and manage (start, stop, and restart) CSM Servers (services) and Web Applications, and restart IIS, using a browser and an IIS-hosted web page. Service Monitor is installed using a stand-alone installer and is deployed using the Service Monitor web page. Use the Service Monitor to:

The Service Monitor is accessed via a web page, so the Service Monitor is ideal for hosted Customers because Users can remotely monitor and manage services. Use the Server Manager, a similar tool, to locally monitor and manage services. The figure shows the status of different servers and the server start/restart/stop options.

Service Monitor Web Page

The Service Monitor is comprised of two components:

Users install the Service Monitor using an installation wizard. All access iscontrolled using Windows Authentication credentials and is verified in the WCF service for each request.

Note: Cherwell Service behavior and access is established during the installation. For specific control, Advanced Users can install the Service Monitor from the Command Line (Advanced Users Only) or edit the Cherwell Monitor config file (Advanced Users only).

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CSM Servers (Services)

CSM Web Applications Managed by the Service Monitor

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