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Release Workflow

The following figure shows a high-level Release process workflow in the default system.

Release Workflow

Note: CSM uses several features to manage the Release workflow (ex: The Release Form helps create and manage Releases, One-Steps help move the Release through its workflow, Automation Processes notify stakeholders via e-mails).


A Release typically has several contributors. Depending on your workflow and the size of your company, many of these contributors might be combined into one person:


The Release workflow is broken down into the following phases:

Release Workflow - Phases

  1. Plan: Creator records the Requestor and initial details, and then assigns an owner. Owner defines the Release Package, Service Schedule, and Release Plans. Owner adds members to the Release Team, and then assigns Tasks to Release Team members.
  2. Build: Owner creates one or more builds of the Release Package.
  3. Test: Test Manager tests the Release build(s) in a test environment that duplicates the live environment.
  4. Document: Documentation Manager creates Release Notes, and then the owner requests approval.
  5. Approve: Approver makes a decision (approves, denies, abstains) regarding the deployment of the Release build(s) to the live environment.
  6. Deploy: Deployment Manager deploys the Release to the live environment.
  7. Review: Owner records the final details, and then closes the Release.


A Release progressing through the workflow encounters the following statuses:

Note: Release statuses do not align with Release phases.

Release Workflow - Statuses

  1. New: Release is being created, recorded (initial details), and assigned to an owner.
  2. Planning: Release Package, Service Schedule, and Release Plan are being planned. Release team is assigned. Tasks are assigned.
  3. Building: Release build is being defined.
  4. Testing: Release build is being tested.
  5. Documenting: Release Notes are being defined.
  6. Approving: Release is being approved.
  7. Deploying: Release is being deployed.
  8. Reviewing: Release is being reviewed.
  9. Cancelled: Release is cancelled.
  10. Closed: Release is closed.

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