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Data Editor

The Data Editor is the interface within the Blueprint Editor or mApp Editor that allows you to edit data within a Supporting Business Object or Lookup Business Object. Because data is edited within a Blueprint or a mApp, the data in your system is not actually modified until the Blueprint is published or the mApp is applied. Use the Data Editor to:

There are several ways to open the Data Editor.

Edit Blueprint Data

  1. Menu bar: Displays a row of drop-down menus available in the Data Editor.
  2. Toolbar: Displays a row of buttons for operations available in the Data Editor.
  3. Main Pane: Displays either the list of records in the data table (as a Grid), or the details for the currently selected record (depending on the view you are in). The Blueprint Action column shows what will be done with the data in each row of the table when the Blueprint is applied/published.

    Note: Select the Clear all data from destination table check box to have all existing data in the current system Lookup Object cleared out when the Blueprint is applied/published. If you want to keep any existing data, you must select the rows with the data you want to keep and click the Include in Blueprint button Include Button.

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Data Editor Menu Bar

Data Editor Toolbar

Data Editor Main Pane

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