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Record Phase

Incident Form Workflow Bar Record Phase

In the Record phase, a creator (typically, a technician) logs a new Incident by launching the Incident Form (New>New Incident), and then recording the initial details.

The following actions are completed during the Record phase:

  1. Creator records the Requestor (Customer who initiates the Incident/Request).
  2. Creator records a Short Description and detailed Description.
  3. Creator records the Call Source.

    Incident - Record Phase

    Note: When the Incident is saved Save Button, an e-mail is automatically created and sent to the Customer to confirm receipt and relay the Incident number (Incident ID). If the Incident is resolved before the first save, the receipt e-mail is not sent because the Resolve e-mail is already being sent. A Journal-History record is created to track the e-mail communication. View e-mails in the Incident Journals tab (Arrangement section).

The Incident then enters the Classify phase.

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